September 2020

I have posted an updated version of "Securities Financing and Asset Markets" (Joint with Tomas Breach).  The revision incorporates data up through the COVID-19 crisis.

Upcoming Events

"Credit Risk, Liquidity, and Lies" is forthcoming in the International Journal of Central Banking.

At the University of Maryland/Federal Reserve Board annual Short-Term Funding Markets Conference on September 25, I will be presenting "Securities Financing and Asset Markets."  Mattia Landoni is the discussant.

February 2020

"Central Clearing and Systemic Liquidity Risk" is now a FEDS working paper.

I have posted a preliminary (and somewhat incomplete) draft of "Capital Constraints and Risk Shifting: An Instrumental Approach," joint with Alejandro Drexler.  Comments welcome!

August 2020

As part of the conclusion of its framework review, the Federal Reserve has released several recent staff memos on aspects of monetary policy strategy and implementation, in the form of FEDS working papers.  My small contribution to this gigantic effort can be found in "Issues Regarding the Use of the Policy Rate Tool," with Jeff Campbell, Anna Orlik, and Rebecca Zarutskie.  The paper reviews central banks' experience with forward guidance and negative interest rates.

July 2020

At the World Risk and Insurance Economics Conference in August, I presented "Capital Constraints and Risk Shifting" and discussed "Are Financial Constrained Firms more Sensitive to Shocks?" by Bustos, Engist, Martinsson, and Thomann.  Slides available here and here.

December 2019

I have posted a new working paper "Central Clearing and Systemic Liquidity Risk," joint with Anna Paulson of the Chicago Fed and Travis Nesmith and Todd Prono of the Board.  The paper discusses ways in which central counterparties (CCPs), as a byproduct of their risk-management, tend to place extra liquidity demands on the financial sector during stressful periods.  Comments welcome!

Expectation and Duration at the Effective Lower Bound” was published in the Journal of Financial Economics.  The working paper version is still available here.

November 2019

I discussed Foley-Fisher, Narajabad, and Verani's "Who Limits Arbitrage?" at the Fed System Conference on Financial Institutions, Regulation, and Markets in Boston.  Slides available here.

October 2019

I have posted a draft of a new paper, "Duration Effects in Macro-Finance Models of the Term Structure."  The paper incorporates Vayanos-Vila-type effects of asset supply into more-familiar structural models of the yield curve and estimates one such model, which incorporates observable macro factors, on the data.  Comments are very welcome!

I presented "Duration Effects in Macro-Finance Models of the Term Structure" at FRB San Francisco / Bank of Canada Conference on Fixed Income Markets.  Michael Gallmeyer was the discussant.  Slides available here.